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CBN Blaster - Siggraph 2013 Art Show Entry

By Steven M. Smith

Color by Numbers Patterns: CBN Blaster

Example pattern from CBN Blaster

Color by Numbers is a methodology for patterning regular geometric structures with counting.
Counting is a numeric fractal which iterates and scales to infinity.
Colors are mapped to numbers which create linear arrayed pattern sequences.
These sequences can be arranged on grids or in temporal arrangements to create audio and video.
Patterns are created through repetition and scaling as counting evolves and adds to itself.
Colors, patterns, images, audio or video bits can represent the digits of the numbers or can be mixed to represent complete numerals.

If red represents 2 and blue represents 1, 21 could be represented by red following blue or by mixing red and blue in even quantities, yielding purple.
Patterns can be controlled by starting to count at a certain number or by arranging the linear stream of elements into unique structures.
You can count (colorize) in various number bases depending on how colors you would like to work with. Base 10 uses 10 colors, Base 2 uses 2.
Base 5 has 5 colors (elements) representing 0 1 2 3 4.

CBN Blaster draws rectilinear Color By Numbers Patterns with various number ranges, grid sizes, blending techniques and methods of organizing the sequential arrays on those grids. It is a PC executable with no interface, which runs full-screen indefinitely. You exit with a mouse click. The patterns are automatically scaled to fill the screen. The following variables are being randomized: grid size, color blending or not, color choice, number base, and arrangement on the grid (spiral or linear like a book).

Click to download a preview movie of CBN Blaster in action – CBNblaster.wmv

Click to download CBN Blaster as a zipped executable

Following are some examples of colorizing techniques and grid layouts:
CBN blended square spiral 1 to 1000000 base 10.jpg    CBN blended Spiral 1 to 1000000 base 10   
CBN square spiral array  first 1000000 digits base 10.jpg    CBN square spiral array  first 1000000 digits base 10

 CBN book  array  first 1000000 digits base 10.jpg CBN blended 1 to 1000000 base 10  (reads like a book)


CBN blended book array 1 to 1000000 base 10.jpg  CBN book  array  first 1000000 digits base 10

Steve Smith 1/2013

Download CBNblaster.doc

Download CBNblaster.pdf


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