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2014 Fine Art - Original Creations by Steve Smith - All Media

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Stained Glass



Hands on her hair (Approx. 14' x 16")

3 trees (Approx 6" tall)


No large image at this time

Lady in Robes (5 ft. tall) Pine

Mosaic color push (Approx 15" tall)

Platonic Solid Projections Series 2

Approx 8" - Stained Glass

Wet hair across her face


She's holding her skirt with her left arm (approx 36" tall) Pine


(Approx 18" tall)


Star Series 3-9 (Approx. 8"each)

Bird on a beach (Approx. 11")


Pulling back her hair

(approx 60" tall) Pine


Cactus Tryptich

(Approx 10" tall)


      Oil Painting


Pyramid Projections (Approx. 7"each)

Flower (approx 9" wide)


Grabbing her right shoulder

(approx 36" tall) Pine




(approx 24" wide)

Kneeling (approx 12 x 18")

Catching the sun (approx 10" Tall)


Sorta Modest

(approx 36" tall) Pine


(approx 32" wide)

Platonic Solid Sculptures (approx 5" Each)

Bather (approx. 10" tall)


Both of her arms crossed

(approx 52" tall) Pine


(approx 28" wide)

Hands on her thigh (approx 16 x 20")

Small (5" tall)

Studies from Tahoe


Large Image not availableLarge Image not available

She raised both of her arms (approx 36" tall) Pine

Sacrament (36" square)

    Painted Snakes Computer Graphics

Isometric Projections of Platonic Solids - 7"

Sunning (8 x 10) Framed 


Snakes from flat Boards

All less than 2' long


Tibetan Book of the Dead

From text 2 pattern software


Assorted Color by Numbers (Approx. 12")

Aspen Studies

(approx. 10' long dimension)


Snakes from sticks

All less than 2' long

Color by Numbers

42" Printout over 1 million triangles

Magic Squares (8" square)

Ecstatic (6" tall)


Snakes from sticks

All less than 2' long

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