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ArtToyz (Steve Smith) has been supplying Jazz Alley TV with Video Production services for over 10 years. Jazz Alley is  produced in Maui and around the world  and seen on B.E.T. Jazz.

Other ongoing relationships include Wild Divine (Games, Music and Production Services) and the Taos Solar Music Festival from 2000 - 2005. 

And Grasp Creative Media out of NewYork. Feel free to download the samples below, request other examples or discuss a project by contacting Steve Smith at

Video Samples:

Chris Berry EPK for Wild Divine  Download .wmv 48Mb (428 x 240) Download .mov 246 Mb (426 x 240)
River Run Promo: Created by Grasp Media for Bill Graham Productions Download .wmv  Download .mov
Taos Solar Music Festival Promo   Download .wmv Download .mov
New Havoc - Fire Performance Promo  Download .wmv  Download .mov
Spearhead in Concert at Taos Solar Music Festival 2000 Download .wmv  Download .mov
Dragon Tamer - Created for the Wild Divine Band Download .wmv  Download .mov
Sunshine - Created for the Wild Divine Band Download .wmv   
Video Demo Reel from 2003 - Grasp Download .wmv 

Steve Smith Demo Reel:

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