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This software is offered as freeware and ArtToyz takes no responsibility for your computing environment. It has been tested in Windows XP and seems to us to be of value as is. All of this software is owned solely by ArtToyz. This software cannot legally be re-packaged for distribution by others. Please refer interested parties to this website for access to this software.

Click on the thumbnails below to download larger images or download the programs and make your own:

Color by Numbers and Computer Graphics Images are most available in larger, printable sizes. 

On the Computer Graphics Online Gallery Page, Just click on the thumbnail and then save the image.

Free Color By Numbers Fractal Pattern Generator and Images

Color by Numbers Pattern Generator and Animation Tool- cbn combo v1.65

 For More Information on the Color By Numbers Pattern Generator - Click Here

 CBN Plaid
Link to EscherSketch Software Page EscherSketch Image


Color by Numbers Show -


Screen Saver - - 8 Kb 

read cbnsaver.txt

Download 289 Fractals ( Fractals.rar) for Backgrounds, Screen Savers and Printing

Also these design tools:

Spiro - a Cycloid Generator and Animation Program - file (1.46 Mb) - please create c:\temp dir for reference files



Spiro Screen Saver - - 14 Kb  

read spisaver.txt

You may need Winrar to extract these packages.

StringArt - includes Kaleidoscopic StringArt - (1.44 Mb) Kaleidoscope String Art

ArtToyz Studios is owned  by Steve Smith - Software Created by Steve Smith and Jeff Yetter

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