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Steve Smith's Master’s Thesis in Fine Art, C.U. Boulder, 1982

Pen Plot  



  This is a methodology for patterning regular geometric structures with counting.

  Counting is a numeric fractal which iterates and scales to infinity.

  Colors are mapped to numbers which create linear pattern sequences.

  These sequences can be arranged on grids or in temporal arrangements to create audio and video.

  Patterns are created through repetition and scaling as counting evolves and adds to itself.

  Colors, patterns, images, audio or video bits can represent the digits of the numbers or can be mixed to represent complete integers.

  If red represents 2 and blue represents 1, 21 could be represented  by red following blue or by mixing red and blue in even quantities, yielding purple.

  Patterns can be controlled by starting to count at a certain number or by arranging the linear stream of elements into unique structures.

  You can count (colorize) in various number bases depending on how many various elements you would like to work with. Base 10 uses 10 colors, Base 2 uses 2.

   Base 5 has 5 colors (elements) representing 0 1 2 3 4.

  Though using a computer is more accurate, pleasing patterns can be created with colored pencils on graph paper or with grid-based media such as tile, weaving, hook rugs and  needlepoint.

  Visit our gallery of  free art to see examples of color by numbers artwork.

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